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  • Winter Special!

    Why stay at home? Let's come to Florence during winter season and stay at the Relais Grand Tour! Special tariffs from 65.00 euros...

    Book online, we put our new tariffs -30% for the Winter season, including the week-ends. All the new prices can be still combined with the Rick Steves/Guide du Routard/Rough Guide specials, and/or with the I do it myself offer.

    Florence is magic in winter, not busy, not cool, not too rainy. Museums are open and no lines there, the Mercato Centrale in San Lorenzo is full of good seasonal food like ribollita soup, steak, mushrooms, seasonal fresh organic organges, hot chocolate... What are you waiting for? We are here happy to meet you and give you our best tips to live Florence like a florentine!

    *not valid for Christms Holidays and the Pitti Fashion Week

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Romantic Rooms

Each room bears the traces of the past alive through photographs, objects, portraits, paintings...

Relais Grand Tour Bed & Breakfast,  offers three lovely double rooms: Il Musicista (the Musician), La Cantante (the Singer), La Ballerina (the Dancer), located at the same floor where the owners live (second floor, some stairs, no lift), while the Grand Tour Suites offers 3 larger accommodations at the patio level (first floor no stairs): Gli Specchi (The Mirrors), L'Attore (the Actor) and La Diva. All the suites overlooking the patio (first floor) which is a perfect place to sit and meet the other guests or simply sip a glass of good Chianti wine and relax.


The Grand Tour's Double Rooms

2 romantic old-style double rooms (inside private bathrooms), second floor (no lift) The hand-painted Neapolitan majolicas characterize the headboards of the beds, together with the decorated ceilings. The armoires, the night tables, the small armchairs are all the products of personal and passionate search by the owners in all the antique fairs in Tuscany and other areas. A special touch is given by the hand-crafted lamps and by the colored mirrors in each room.

La Ballerina and Il Musicista rooms overlook the street, which is not noisy. For major comfort, the windows are all double-glazed and sound-proofed. *About their bathrooms: they're a bit smaller than the others, but it's much better to have your own private bathroom with shower, although smaller, than to have a single shared bathroom outside room.

All the double rooms are equipped with a mini-refrigerator, an electric kettle, coffee, tea, cookies, jam. Air conditioning/heating. TV on request. Wi-Fi available and free of charge.
At the entrance, herbal teas can often be found and there's a library with city guides, maps, and art books.


The Grand Tour Suites

At the first floor (no stairs, patio level). Private equipped patio. There are 3 suites:
Mirrors Suite:(once the dressing room of the theatre): suitable for a couple. The antique mirrors together with some original frescoes on the wall and the small 16th century fountain inside the large room create a magic romantic atmosphere. Wood ceiling. A large bathroom with bathtub (and shower) will be perfect to relax. In room: mini-fridge, electric kettle with breakfast set. Air-conditioning/heating, free Wi-Fi connection. Safe. The entrance is from the courtyard garden.

Actor Suite: suitable for two or three guests. This large room has a gorgeous Neapolitan double bed in black, mother of pearl inlays and flowers decorations. The wood ceiling and the old marble sink tell old stories, and you will enjoy the large bathroom decorated with hand-crafted majolicas in red and blue and the large shower stall. A single bed is available, since the suite can hosts a maximum of 3 guests.
In room: Air-conditioning/heating, free Wi-Fi. Tea and coffee maker, breakfast set. Safe. The entrance is from the courtyard garden.

Diva Suite: suitable for two or three guests. This large sunny room hosts some family portraits of ladies. One of them was a stage actress in the early 20th century, here is the reason for this name.
A double bed with a gold-painted headboard is separated from the third bed area by a curtain. A couple of Art Déco armchairs are mixed with a beautiful wardrobe original of the 19th century. The bathroom is painted in a warm red color and is decorated in terracotta tails. Large shower stall. In room: heating/air-conditioning. Free Wi-Fi. Breakfast set with electric kettle for tea and coffee. Safe. The entrance is from the courtyard garden.

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